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Capsule Filler – How To Make Your Own Capsule Filler

This capsule filling machine makes it easy for you to create your own capsules or tablets at home. It has a variety of features that allow you to customize your product. This machine is very easy to use and it will save you time and money. A set of capsule filling plate includes compaction plate, […]

The 3 Best Capsule Filling Boards

Manual capsule filling is one of the oldest and most used methods. The machine is built to handle all capsule sizes from 000 to 5 and will give you trouble-free service year after year. Small-scale pharmaceutical production, smaller batches, and experimental productions prefer manual capsule filling machines. The 3 Best Capsule Filling Boards are given […]

How To Make 400 Capsules At A Time

The 400-well capsule filling plate is currently available in 7 models, supporting 0# 00# 000# 1# 2# 3# 4# capsules respectively. Take 0# capsule filling plate (the highest yielding one with 400 capsules at a time) as an example. 0# capsule filling board fills 400 capsules at one time, it is composed of guiding arrangement […]