Pneumatic Paste Filling Machine with 5-50ml Stainless Steel (A02)

$459.99 USD

Pneumatic Paste Filling Machine with 5-50ml Stainless Steel (A02)

$459.99 USD

About this item

Measurement accuracy: ± 0.2-1ml
Filling speed :20-60 beats / min Depending on the operating speed of people
Working pressure :0.4-0.6Mpa Small air compressor can
Hopper capacity :10 L
Dimensions:Length × width × height: 340 × 340 × 780 (mm)
Certification: CE
Certification: RoHS
Filling Accuracy: 1%
Filling Speed: 20-60 beats
Model Number: A02
Material: stainless steel
nozzle size: 4mm and 8mm

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