How To Make 400 Capsules At A Time

The 400-well capsule filling plate is currently available in 7 models, supporting 0# 00# 000# 1# 2# 3# 4# capsules respectively.

Take 0# capsule filling plate (the highest yielding one with 400 capsules at a time) as an example.

0# capsule filling board fills 400 capsules at one time, it is composed of guiding arrangement plate, cap plate, middle plate, body plate, pressurized plate and powder scraping plate processed from Plexiglas plate, with bright color, good toughness, thick material, heat sterilizable, in line with the production of pharmaceutical food hygiene requirements; precise size, easy to use, fast and convenient filling, uniform loading; imitating mechanical automatic arrangement design, fast capsule arrangement, high automatic arrangement rate; implementing automatic arrangement of the whole board, filling powder of the whole board, locking the cap of the whole board, high work efficiency, high capsule qualification rate, it is the most ideal non-mechanical capsule filling tool at present.

Capsule filling board application scope

Capsule filling plate solves the problem of filling the capsule with medicinal powder when processing, producing and making capsule by small batch, it is suitable for small pharmaceutical factory, health care product, hospital preparation room, specialist clinic, cosmetic, animal medicine and other industries, also suitable for small batch capsule preparation and pharmacy, health care product store, scientific research institute, laboratory, family, etc. Capsule filling plate is used for filling (stuffing) hollow capsules, and it is also an alternate replacement tool for capsule automatic filling machine.

0# Capsule filling plate product advantages

This capsule filling plate is designed and processed completely according to the characteristics of hollow capsules and the principle of capsule filling machine, and its performance is in the leading position among similar products, and the satisfaction of users has reached 100%; the capsule filling plate is arranged quickly, and the whole cap can be locked and closed quickly, without manual arrangement of capsules one by one and locking of capsules one by one, which makes filling fast, convenient and easy.

Capsule filling plate product models

000#, 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4# (suitable for filling 000#, 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4# capsules respectively).

Product specification: S-400 (can be filled with 400 capsules at a time)
Product composition: 1 arrangement plate, 1 cap plate, 1 body plate, 1 middle plate, 1 pressurized plate, 1 powder scraping plate, and one operation manual.
Use: Used for filling the drug of the corresponding type of hollow capsule (the capsule can be filled normally even if it is slightly deformed).
Powder filling rate: 100% (the default configuration of the pressurized plate is used to increase the amount of filling when the tight pressure on the powder in the capsule for secondary filling).
Finished product qualification rate: ≥99.8% (if the capsule is of good quality, there is no one substandard product).
Package: Carton weight: about 6000g (including powder press board)
Product specification: 400 (can be filled with 400 capsules at a time)